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CROON: Digital Download Available Now!

Todd Murray

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IT'S HERE! "CROON" The Album! The long awaited recording containing 17 selections from Todd Murray's acclaimed live performance of "CROON: When A Whisper Became A Song." This CD was recorded at the famous Avatar Studios in New York City, with sumptuous vocals by Todd Murray and stellar support by Alex Rybeck, Steve Doyle, Sean Harkness, and Dan Gross. Engineered by Jim Czak and Bill Moss. 17 cuts with 19 songs. An audiophile quality recording of intimate music from 1930 to the present. Download your permanent copy here!

$9.99 for 17 beautiful digitally mastered tracks... download CROON today!

OR order your own COMPACT DISC for $14.99 AND download the album immediately!

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Before the advent of the microphone, being heard clearly meant not only singing well, but LOUDLY. Songs and the singers interpreting them were limited by the acoustics of the theater they happened to find themselves in. But the introduction of electrified amplification brought a new performance technique, a style that produced such heartfelt intimacy, you would swear that Bing Crosby was humming from the seat next to you. Microphones and the first artists to use them forged a revolutionary and, at the time, scandalous new practice: “crooning.”

With smooth richness, an acclaimed master brings you the subtlety and warmth only a microphone can offer. Murray sings to you, and only you. Strung together seamlessly with Murray’s charming accounts of crooning’s rise to popularity, the CROON songbook travels from popular music of the 1920’s to present day, including lush ballads, swing and Latin beats, rock and pop alike. Alex Rybeck is featured on piano, Steve Doyle on bass, and Sean Harkness on jazz guitar; all three musicians lend back-up vocals, giving the evening high production value for such a small ensemble. CROON explores popular music’s foundation in this bold but intimate new style of the period. Murray presents not merely a concert, but a historical experience... a nod to the past and an exploration of what has formed the music we listen to today.